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Plant Maintenance available through Intermountain Plant Works


Intermountain Plant Works provides quality maintenance for commercial and residential accounts. Our service guarantees the plants in your office or home are always healthy and beautiful. Our trained technicians will ensure that the overall health and appearance of your plants remain in superb condition and always of the highest quality. In addition, with our guaranteed maintenance, plants will be replaced when they are not looking their best.

Our technicians responsibilities are comprised of the following:

  • Watering – Plants are monitored on a weekly basis, determining the amount of water they need according to their environment.
  • Fertilizing – Plants are given necessary nutrients based on their environment, foliage and flowering patterns and also their growing season.
  • Cleaning - Plants are dusted on a regular basis, then polished as needed.
  • Pruning and Trimming - Yellow leaves are removed and brown tips are trimmed. Plants are shaped as needed to retain their attractive appearance, their positioning within an arranged space, and to encourage healthy growth.
  • Insecticide/Disease Control - Our technicians are responsible for recognizing insect problems as they occur and providing the appropriate treatment. Our goal is to use the safest and greenest products available.
  • Quality Assurance – Our technicians take note of the placement, and the quality and health of your plants. If positioning needs to be adjusted to help the overall design, or it is found that a plant's health may be compromised (due to extreme temperatures, lighting adjustments, high traffic areas or the occasional extra helping of water from a well meaning employee), they will make the necessary changes.

Intermountain Plant Works has been providing plants and plant maintenance services in Utah for over 30 years. We have serviced hundreds of interior landscape projects throughout Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, Wasatch, and Tooele counties.

You may choose to rent or purchase plants and decorative containers with our guaranteed maintenance. If you have plants already, we can take care of them too! We offer several maintenance options to fit your budgetary needs. Whether you're looking to use plants for the first time or to improve your current program, we can help!